The IPS Way

Team LeBron | 10/16/2018



As the staff and students continue to settle into life at the I Promise School, each day brings a new approach to routine activities. Following LeBron’s strong body, strong mind lead, IPS teachers and school staff participate in weekly team workouts that help them come to school rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. With every drip of sweat and every weight lifted, our teachers are proving just how strong they truly are in the classroom and beyond. 


This week also brings with it preparations for our students’ MAP testing, which will set the baseline for the entire academic year. Focusing on goal setting and the importance of a slow and steady approach to the test, IPS staff is busy easing the stresses and worries that can easily come with these procedural exams. Based on the results of these tests, teachers will implement test-taking strategies and develop action steps to help students meet their next set of goals. Additionally, IPS is providing info sessions for parents so families can extend test-related encouragement at home. 


To continue the emphasis on focus and re-centering, part of the daily routine at the I Promise School includes important time spent in I PROMISE Circles. Designed to help students challenge themselves to be better in every aspect of their lives, to recognize the value of every learning experience, and to encourage one another, this self-reflecting time allows IPS students to grow and learn on a social-emotional level in addition to the daily curriculum.


These I Promise School layers are all elements of its We Are Family philosophy in action, established by LeBron and executed daily by his team of rock star teachers and staff. 


They all make us proud to say, “We are family.”